For more than 17 years the Nice Foundation has focused on improving the quality of life of economically disadvantaged children. The Nice Family acknowledges the necessity that education, nutrition, and healthcare play in supporting the success of the next generation. We have helped several different causes that address those areas of concern.

La Villa de Los Niños, enables thousands of boys to finish High School and obtain the vocational skills necessary for employment. We also provide the most gifted graduates full scholarships to private universities. The Nice Foundation provides food to over 10,000 children living in extreme poverty. We know nutrition alone does not lead to a healthy lifestyle, so we built several multi-functional sports facilities in those areas. In the Health Care space, the Nice Foundation makes it possible for thousands of children to undergo open heart surgeries, brachial plexus operations and cancer treatment and recovery. Furthermore, many marginal communities lack basic access to Health Care, so we help by providing free hearing aids to those in need.

By joining the Nice family and supporting the Foundation you can make a tangible impact on future generations!